‘Dateline’ NBC features harrowing attempted murder case in Saco, Maine

Gregory Owens seemed to think he still had a chance with both women in the courtroom. He professed his love to his estranged wife as he testified from the witness stand in his own defense. He was on trial in February 2016 in federal court in Portland for shooting Rachel Owens in the head during a masked home invasion in 2014. But just days before Owens professed his love to his wife, he had also cast a sultry wink from the defendant’s table toward his former mistress, Betsy Wandke, as she began testifying to what turned out to be damning evidence against him.

I covered the trial as a reporter for the Portland Press Herald from start to finish, but I never learned of Owens’ wink to Wandke until Friday night when “Dateline” NBC’s episode, “The Intruder,” finally aired.

Here’s the link to the “Dateline” episode:

Here’s the Portland Press Herald coverage.